Nepal Money Transfer

Eportal associates with Prabhu Money Transfer India for payment in Nepal

Nepal Money Transfer

Eportal has collaborated with cross-border remittances through its partnership with Prabhu Money Transfer India, a remittance company in Nepal to allow Nepali diaspora resided in India to send money back home through Eportal.

With the partnership, an immigrant or any individual of Nepali origin living anywhere in India can easily transfer money back home in Nepal through any Eportal outlet by just producing proof of Identity as (POI). By this platform, migrants can also deposit funds into the account maintained in any of the branches of Prabhu Bank or any other bank working in Nepal in real-time.

Sevices Offered:

  • Cash Deposit.
  • Account Deposit.

Nepal Money benefits:

  • Instant Cash Payment in Nepal.
  • Realtime account deposit to Account of Prabhu Bank Limited, Nepal.
  • Next working days after account deposit to All Banks of Nepal.
  • Account deposit to All the Co-Operatives of Nepal.

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