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To sign up and to become an authorized Eportal agent visit our Signup page - https://eportal.net.in/register. Please visit this link and create your agent ID by filling certain details like your Name, Mobile number, email and pan card. Once your details are verified, you will receive a username and password through a registered email.

Use these credentials to login on our mobile app or website ( https://eportal.net.in/register) and start earning.

Eportal is an Online B2B portal for delivery of services like Recharges, Bill payments, Money Transfer, Insurance and Pan Card Centres. After every successful transaction retailer earns a real-time commission.

For becoming eportal Distributor, you have to register after completing registration. Please coordinate with the helpdesk to become a distributor its a very quick process after verifying the detail VLE will be converted into a distributor.

Eportal is a completely safe and secure service licensed and approved by RBI. The safety of your money is our superiority. Eportal Wallet is secured using the highest level of encryption. There are many layers of security implemented to shield the Eportal Wallet from any unauthorized access. The best of line network security is performed to secure only requests from authorized users to enter the network. Any unauthorized request is rejected at the outermost security layer itself and there is no possibility that any Wallet may be hacked. Besides, all transactions are user authorized and specific consent in the form of MPIN is taken from the user to perform any transaction.

For every successful transaction performed by their retailers, distributors earn commission as per the rate is given by the company.

You can load money into the wallet by depositing money into any of the banks which is mentioned on Eportal website. After depositing the money you can make payment request by giving details like transaction number and amount after doing it your wallet will be credited in real-time.

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