Aadhaar Enrolment

If you still haven't received your Adhaar Card, it is time to act. It is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of Government of India. Since it is a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India, it is important to have it.

There are many obstacles that one might have to face due to absence of Adhaar Card. It is a proof of your identity and an important document. Whether you have to apply for a driving license, passport, open a new bank account, get a marriage certificate or buy new property, having Adhaar card is a must. Adhaar Letter or E-Adhaar is the electronic version. It is as valid as the original adhaar letter. A little delay in getting the letter and all your administrative work would come to a standstill. Since the adhaar letter is authorized by the government it is proof of your residence. You can easily use it anywhere in the country.

Get your Adhaar letter and be a responsible citizen of the country. Use this service that the government has provided for the benefit of the citizens. For more details on Adhaar Letter you can connect with us. Getting an Adhaar Letter is easy and is quick.

Child Enrolment Centers

Identity proof for children acts as the first step to their welfare. Our government has relaxed certain rules for obtaining aadhar card for children. Newborn and young children are not required to give biometric details in order to get enrolled under Aadhar scheme. Moreover, Aadhar for small children can be issued even if there is no photograph present.

In the child enrollment facilitation centers, Aadhar card for children can be easily obtained. We provide the portal for such that enables an efficient and fast processes for obtaining the same. Moreover electronic copies associated with accounts are easier to manage.

Aadhaar Camp/Sweep Mode Enrolment Centers

Having an Aadhar card is a necessity these days. Apart from being an identity proof, it acts as an important document in various processes such as obtaining a driving license, obtaining a bank account, buying new property etc. The government benefits by Aadhar card as it gets important data about the citizens of the country.

Aadhar card can be derived through the e-portal at Aadhar card camps. The best part about the processes is that due to its online nature, all records can be maintained as soft copies that are easier to save and manage. They can also be printed on the spot as per requirement and availability of necessary functionalities.


Pan Card Online Facilitation Center

Who wants to run through government offices to get one simple work done? With the age of digitization, our government has made all application processes online. There are a number of advantages to it varying from ease of application to quick processing time. Applying for a PAN card is one of them. We offer support for such through the ePortal at our help centers.

PAN is the identifier of Indian income tax payers in the form of AAAPL1234C. The benefits of holding a PAN card are many and in some cases it is mandatory, such as:

  • For payment of direct taxes
  • To file income tax returns
  • To avoid deduction of tax at higher rate than due
  • To enter into specific transaction such as

The prime benefit to our government through your PAN card is that it helps record financial transactions.

Through the ease of ePortal, applying for PAN card will be an easy process. Providing few mandatory details, applying for PAN card could be done single window.