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Who We Are

Eportal is an ultimate platform for those who want to start their own business by becoming master distributors, distributors, and retailers who provide online payment system services. We assure our clients and customers a safe, secure and hassle-free mode of transactions.

Eportal whose parent company is Asuja eServ Pvt Ltd is an industry-leading company which is dedicated to bridging the gap underlying between traditional banks and safe payment solutions. With the passage of time, our specialized team of workers has developed a secure online payment solution which has provided an opportunity for people to choose an instrument of their choice to transact over online media. Eportal is an innovative solution for consumers who find it difficult to adapt to evolving and fast-changing banking services.

We provide one-stop solutions for all the payment related needs of customers. Our team is engaged in providing the best in class service to people, ensuring their comfort, ease, and convenience at all times.

Our Eportal provides neo banking solutions to individuals in a feasible way so that they do not have to sense the banks for every small thing. Our unified team has made sure that customers can access the portal anytime and anywhere.

The best thing about Eportal is its exceptionally innovative business model which is based on the exploitation of extensive in-house technologies, uniqueness of operations and our vision to maintain a system that can be used by anyone in terms of simplicity. Our business model has transformed how people now look upon banking services. Our team of professionals has provided unique solutions to issues of scalability and accessibility of conventional banking media.

The versatile operations of Eportal have proved to a boon for those people who had to visit miles to get any online payment services. Our vision is to work with all premier commercial establishments and organizations who are leading the economy of the country whether they are governmental or non-governmental bodies.

Meet with Our Team

Smita Mammen Director

Big picture perspective, yet detail-oriented. Strong Business acumen. Leadership by example 8 years of...

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Chandan Kumar Singh Director

As the Director of Asuja, Chandan's role was indispensable as a young entrepreneur in establishing...

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Santosh Chief Marketing Officer

14+ years of experience in the diverse field of Market Research, IT Consultancy, Online research, Large Scale e-Governance

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Madan Sharma Chief Technical Officer

Creative, skilled with over 25 years of expertise Digital Marketing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Videos...

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Edwin Noel Manager & IRDAI Principal Officer

IRDAI Certified Principal Officer, In short span of operational experience has worked ...

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Manish Misra Project Manager
(IT Department)

I have rich experience. For most of the time,I am busy coding & helping team to get ahead & ...

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Aman Chaubey Software Engineer

A front runner at devloping and desiging to meet determiened needs of clients. Well endowed with Frameworks.

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Namrata Singh Web Designer

Web Designing is my passion, I'm a professional web designer designed lot of website & logos in different platform.

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Ajay Pratap Manager Sales & Operation

Have an experience of over 9.5 years in the field of E-governance, Administration & Operations, Project Management...

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