Nicholas Overseas Private Limited

"We established of our self in year of 2016 into education advisory services for students who nurture a desire for an international degree, experience and exposure. At ISS, we believe in assisting you in your endeavour for a higher education by providing you an honest, structured and prompt guidance. The experienced team of NOPL understands individual situation or requirement and suggest options accordingly. Our Mission is to motivate and inspire all current and future students attempting to further their education with our individual student-centric focus, experience and planned approach; so that desirable outcomes are attained. We pride in our attempt to keep a one-on-one interaction and contact with the students approaching us, firmly believing that each individual bring forth a specific and unique situation, thus the focus on personalising our services around your needs and requirements is primal. The approach we follow at NOPL is to match top-notch services-provider with your educational aspiration. We partner with some of the best educational bodies across the Globe which not only excels in academia, but are also placed in highly regards by market standards and employers. "