Grameen Infotech

" A professionally trained Recourse person is always there to help the teachers in understanding hardware and software related problems. We have made computer education accessible to the remotest locations across the country by introducing computer education, computer-aided education and by providing IT infrastructure in schools. We have brought about a transformation in the teaching-learning processes by empowering teachers and encouraging students to acquire knowledge and gain clarity of concept through use of ICT. Technology plays a vital role in this era. It has always been my dream to see technology as an integral part of teaching & learning in the class room. Smart- Class. The standard of academic has gone up and students show a lot of enthusiasm to participate in this interactive way of teaching ? learning system. Times to time our team provide teachers training sessions and discuss the problems related to modules, etc. The research and development team provides the modules from tiny taught to senior classes. The updating of the modules is tremendous. It is the privilege of the school to associate with such a highly professional talented team. As they are honestly concerned with the scientific approach and positive attitude of upcoming India. Our core strength lies in its innate ability to transcend geographical, economic, and social barriers thus enabling such possibilities as one exemplary teacher being able to reach students across multiple locations simultaneously. We encompass the entire spectrum of education from Pre-schools to B-schools, elevating it to a 360 degree educational services provider. It provides educational solutions to a large network of private schools and colleges in India; computer education, computer literacy, and computer-aided learning to institutions under the belt of State Governments and has launched its very own brand of schools. We have prominent presence in online / web products, test-prep, retail, skill development, teachers ? training, e-governance, gaming & animation. We runs Business schools and has entered the Technical and Medical education spaces. We reaches out to millions of students through thousands of its ? learning centers across several states and works with several State Governments of India. , today, is the largest VSAT education network in the world. Our Team has a track record of implementing large scale Public-Private-Partnership projects. We work very closely with various State and Central Government agencies, Ministries of IT and HRD, and Governments of other countries in order to bridge the digital divide. These educational programs involve comprehensive education infrastructure implementation, teacher training and content development projects. Our Team is also a pioneer in the education space with over a decade of experience. We offer comprehensive learning solutions for a wide spectrum of audiences ranging from children in schools and informal setting, to teachers, adults, and corporate. We offer novel methods of teaching-learning and strongly believe in leveraging use of information, communication and technology (ICT) to enhance both the learning and teaching experience We believe in cultivating educational practitioners, including teachers and decision makers to make them smart thinkers. Our cutting-edge solutions for students and professionals, helps them to carve a niche for themselves in the industry We have been actively working with governments, educational institutions, development agencies, multilaterals, and corporate to offer them exceptional support in the field of education ."